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We will change the world from plastic.

With the recent increase in environmental awareness, many companies have begun to rethink their concept of plastics. Hashimoto & Co. identifies issues that companies face in dealing with plastics and develops more efficient, high-quality uses of these resources.

Recycled plastic business

We purchase plastic waste from companies and other sources, sort and process it, and sell the material as recycled plastic. With our reliable recycling technologies, we have developed solid business relationships with manufacturers, commercial businesses, agents, and other entities both in Japan and overseas.

Business Summary

About Us

As we consider how to help the Earth today, we have been taking on the challenges of the recycling business for more than half a century since our founding. Calling for expanded recycling to meet the needs of the 21st Century’s recycling-oriented society, we are also fully committed to reducing our own environmental impacts, for example by incorporating solar power in our operations.

Corporate Information

Working to Achieve the SDGs


Hashimoto & Co. supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. We are working to achieve the SDGs through actions such as promoting women’s active participation, utilizing senior human resources, and use of sustainable resources.

Hashimoto & Co.’s SDGs